Blurb Book

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The Class.

I really enjoyed this class. I enjoyed the book project but I wish I had more time for it. The photo booth project pushed me which was good and taught me a lot. This was one of my favorite classes ever. This class sparked an interest in photography for me which was surprising for me. Thanks for everything!

Proposal for Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Letters to Some Humans and Some Animals


As an art student, thinking of my future scares me. Art students constantly hear jokes about working retail or becoming a barista for the rest of their lives. We then feel bad when we compromise by getting a 9 to 5 job that is not in our desired creative field. For me, I am inspired by the process of creativity. I am inspired by what makes someone become creative. This overwhelms me when I think about my future. I somehow have to link my passion with a job that will give me a bed to sleep on. People inspire me.


I want to create a book that will remind me of the people who have inspired me to where I am today. Being a creative is a difficult position. Inspiration is critical. It can come at any time and can leave at any time. Having a document to refer on when I need fuel for my spark can be just the thing to get me through a project or inspire my next work. Since people (and animals) inspire me, I want to document my loved ones who have brought me to where I am today. This includes my animals as well. They characteristics do not go unseen.

Plan of action

My plan of action is to create a book of photos and letters of family, pets, and friends. The introduction page will consist of a picture of myself and a letter to myself for encouragement.  Each page will contain a loved one with a series of photos and a letter addressed to them. The photographs in the book will either be taken specifically for the book or be a collection of photographs I have taken in the past. The letter for each person will be addressed to them and signed off by me. In the letter I will mention what I love or appreciate of them along with what I have learned from them. I can include personality traits that long for or advice I have kept close to heart.

Desired outcomes

My desired outcome for this book is for it to be a successful reference for encouragement. I hope for this book to be a visually stimulating, but mostly heartwarming.

Resources needed

There were not many resources that were needed to achieve this photo book. Adobe InDesign with a Blurb plug-in was needed to build and design the book. Instagram was used as an archive to find photographs for photos other than the ones taken for the photo book specifically.


In conclusion, this photo book is a successful interpretation of who inspires me to pursue my dreams in the creative industry. The book visually conveys a handful of loved ones through photographs and letters. This photo book will last forever and continue to encourage me along my path as an artist and as someone who inspired by all walks of life.

Pushing the Boundaries


This was my favorite by Denis Darzacq. It’s a very memorizing photography. When I see it, I think about the drama behind the shot and the lengths this guy went for the photo. It’s incredible how far artists will go for their shots. It makes me feel bad when sometimes I feel to lazy just to squat.


This photography Bertein Van Manen has so many stories behind it. The first thing I thought was that this image is a behind the scenes shot. I can picture this is the model chilling out after a few shots with some of the assistants. The shot shows such a contrast in worlds between the model and the other two people.


I feel so ridiculously calm when I see this photo by Uta Barth. The composition feels dream like. The lighting is so airy and warm. The way the photo is set up is almost abstract in how simple the shapes are broken up. This photography all around is perfection.


I’ve seen this documentary before but it never gets old. Before I saw this, I never understood the hype behind the font Helvetica. I thought only the hipsters loved it but now I know why. Whenever I look at logos, I now notice the fonts used. The good ones always use Helvetica. It’s amazing how powerful the letter shapes are. It is a very simple type but it can be manipulated or left just is for anything. I think since Helvetica has come into the typography game, no other font design stands a chance.

Mid Semester Quiz

1. Camera: device for recording visual images

2. Depth of field is how much the background is in focus. A situation where depth of field could be used is if you were photographing someone and you changed your f-stop so the background becomes blurry and focuses on the subject.

3. vertical, horizontal, distance to subjects, rule of thirds, leading lines, contrast, angle of view (bird, worm, eye level)

4. ISO needs to be in the thousands and watch out for graininess

5. Aperture: controls how much light enters, Shutter speed: length of time shutter remains open

6. Brush, radial something, crop tool, grid

7. LR-B&W selection on right menu, take the saturation out of the photo, PS-image button on top, adjustments, black and white

8. Street photography is capturing the rawness of an environment. It is not done up like studio photography, but utilizes the given environments around the subject to enhance the story beyond just taking a picture of a person.

9. He manipulated light exposure while working with chemicals to develop the photos

10. Fashion and portraiture